Vardhan Ayurveda Hospital Testimonials


P. Siva Shankar

Kerala State Government, India.

I Have Experienced The best Of The Massages At Dr vardhan’s Vardhan Ayurveda Hospital, Basheerbagh, Hyderabad. I Am Touched By The Care, Concern And Respect Shown By The Doctor And His Experienced & Good-natured Therapists. May God Bless Him And His Team.


Business, Hyderabad.

I have been suffering with severe sciatica with electric shock kind of pain and numbness running down my left lower limb since 6 years.

Before coming to vardhan ayurveda hospital, I took almost all the therapies including yoga, chiropractic, acupuncture, and acupressure but instead my pain started to increase day after day and in the other limb also I started to experience the pain, discomfort and numbness. One of my business colleagues told me about dr. Vardhan’s specialized approach towards sciatica and spinal care. after 6 weeks of meru chikitsa (which is ayurvedic neuro therapy) & ayurveda panchakarma therapy as suggested by him

I am very comfortable, active, and agile and back to work. I am totally cured of my symptoms and my problems. Thanks to dr. Vardhan and his dedicated team of therapists without whom I would never have attained good health and the positive outlook again in my life. I salute him for his immense knowledge in the field of ayurveda and I wish him all the success in his future endeavors.

Gopala Krishna Prasad Tummala

Software Professional,DETROIT. US.

I have had severe neck pain for several years from herniated discs. I have tried physical therapy, chiropractic, bed rest, nsaid’s; but doctor’s have finally advised surgery and said no any guarantee of getting back to normalcy. I could never get the problem resolved until I found dr. Vardhan & vardhan ayurveda hospital! I am pain free now. Thank u all.

Gyaneshwar. M

Dhaka, Bangladesh.

I was having chronic low back pain with sciatica for over 1 year now. The pain was debilitating, radiating to my left lower leg and is even affecting my professional, personal and sexual life. When I was almost in a depressive state of mind I was referred to dr. Vardhan. Thank you vardhan ayurveda hospital, the staff and everybody involved in getting me & my ‘back’ to ‘life’.

Gouri devi

House Wife,VIZAK. A.P.

I was not able to do any of my daily tasks. Bathing and cleaning my kitchen floor was nearly impossible. I was unable to walk more than 100 yards and had difficulty standing for even very short periods of time. Also my back pain as a result of disc prolapse was starting to affect my ability to get good night’s sleep. A neuro surgeon gave me the options of surgery, taking drugs to control the pain, or simply living with the pain.

The constant pain and sleeplessness drove me to do some research on the net and found dr. Vardhan and his institute vardhan ayurveda hospital. I decided that this could be the final option for me.

I am felling so much better now, I am stronger and have even been able to plant flowers in my yard for the first time in years. I am satisfied with the treatments, thank you doctor and the staff.

Rachelle Cherry

Team Head,NOIDA.

I am extremely thankful to dr. Madhuri and the staff of vardhan ayurveda hospital and am indebted to them for making me disease free from the severe psoriasis disease. I have had this skin problem on the scalp, elbows, knees, buttock, back of the ear etc and there used to be severe itching especially in the nights.

I was vexed of using allopathic lotions, ointments etc with cure at a longer distance. I was told about the doctor by a friend of mine; visited hyderabad took panchakarma sessions and is happy now. Thank you doctor very much – from the bottom of the heart.

Madhavi Latha

Assistant Professor,KURNOOL.

I was a ‘headache’ person from my teenage and after my first delivery I ended up into a ‘migraine’ person completely. I used to have severe piercing, sudden onset pain continuing for days with changes in my balance and also vision.

I have suffered for years and finally after coming to vardhan ayurveda hospital & undergoing the specialist treatments from dr. Vardhan & dr madhuri am I surviving from the pain and am free from it completely now. The staff was excellent and co-operative. My best wishes to all of them.

Shiva Rama Raju

Software Professional,Florida. US.

Before I came and met dr. Vardhan at vardhan ayurveda hospital, I had been suffering from severe erectile dysfunction for the past one and half years.

I was living in the us and I have tried many medicines and treatments but all of them were not yielding me any relief or cure of my problem. I was almost into depression and vardhan ayurveda hospital has cured my problem from the gross root level. I highly recommend this treatment to everyone suffering from these types of sexual problems. Thanks and god bless.

Mrs. Fathima Begum

House Wife, UAE.

I & my family is over joyous when we had a cute & healthy baby girl, after the best ever treatments for secondary infertility. I have had a boy and even after trying for repeated ivf’s for 12 years I was not conceiving. I lost hope and during my visit to india last year, I was referred to vardhan ayurveda hospital and undertook the treatments.

Thank you! dr madhuri vardhan & the experienced staff of vardhan ayurveda hospital, for bringing back the smiles onto us.

Ashish Reddy


I have been a sufferer of premature ejaculation from quiet some long years. I really felt depressed and I found excuses to avoid having sex with my partner. I have used everything available like pills, creams, and medicines etc with no result at all.

I started looking for the best way to end my pe; got good information about vardhan ayurveda hospital, I went for a consultation with dr. Vardhan and he ensured me great treatment and I thank him sincerely for changing my life completely.

Rinda Jonathen

Cloppenburg, Germany.

I don’t know where to begin to give praise to dr. Vardhan and vardhan ayurveda hospital because my heart is full of joy, love, but most of all hope. I was suffering from severe osteo arthritis when I was referred to the vardhan ayurveda hospital. I’m delighted with my health status now and am really happy to be able to do the house hold works with ease, climb stairs, walk and sit with less difficulty.

More over after the therapy, there are no side effects. It is such a blessing to have hope again, thank you vardhan ayurveda hospital.

For Mrs. Anasuyamma

House Wife,Nellore, A.p.

I thank dr. Vardhan & the staff at the vardhan ayurveda hospital for getting my mother’s cervical spondylosis severe attack to normalcy. There was no more severe pain in the neck with vomiting, giddiness to my mother after the treatment procedures for 4 weeks. God bless them all.

Ch. Krishna Murthy

Retd. Principal,Ananthapur, A.p.

I had severe stroke 4 months back and after emergency treatments I was referred to physiotherapy for the treatments for paralysis of right hand & right leg. Inspite of the treatments, I was not getting marked improvement. One of my friends referred me to dr. Vardhan & the vardhan ayurveda hospital; I thereby underwent ayurveda panchakarma treatments & rejuvenation therapies for 6 weeks. I got more than 80% relief; I am highly thankful to doctor garu who saved me from being handicapped.

Uday Verma. G.

Civil Engineer,Warangal, A.p.

Thank you dr. Vardhan and the team of vardhan ayurveda hospital for the best rejuvenation therapies offered to me for my severe hair fall. My hair falling has stopped considerably, hair density has improved, my stress levels have come down and am feeling very good and calm in my mind. Psychologically, I am feeling great and am on top of the world right now.

I am indebted to you sir for boosting my morale in a great way.

Mrs. Padmavathi.

Govt. Employee,Ongole, A.p.

I am 52 years of age, am suffering from rheumatoid arthritis +ve and joint pains in the fingers, shoulders and knees for the last 8 to 10 years. I took lots of treatments from many allopathic hospitals nearly for a period of 3 years including regular visits to a physiotherapist but did not get good results.

One day I saw an article in ‘andhra jyothi’ telugu news paper, after which I approached dr. Vardhan garu and vardhan ayurveda hospital & took the specialized treatments. After only about two weeks of therapy, I have started getting positive response. And now I am about 80% ok. For this I thank everybody and god for showing a right path.

Kesari. P.

Wipro, Hightech City,Hyderabad, Telangana

I was treated by many doctors for my back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, and reddening & eye strain separately for many years now. I was made a guinea pig for all these days in the hands of the specialists, until I was diagnosed ‘computer related injury’ by dr. Vardhan @ the vardhan ayurveda hospital, hyderabad.

He gave me treatments like akshi tarpanam, sarvanga dhara, vasthi karma etc with a relief of > 90% in just 4 weeks of time. Thank you doctor for the measures you taught me to further prevent & manage the repetitive strains.

Ajesh Narayan. M.

Microsoft,Pune, Maharastra.

I am 32 years, a software professional from pune, have stomach related problems from the early age of my life. I was diagnosed ‘irritable bowel syndrome’ and gastroenterologist had put me on steroids. Through the net I came to know about dr. Vardhan, after initial talk to him over the phone, I felt that this is the place where I could get some good help in curing my problem.

I flew to vardhan ayurveda hospital, hyderabad to know that I was having all the symptoms of ‘grahani’ according to ayurveda. He gave me some powders, tabs and tonics and I was relieved of the symptoms and the disease within 4 months of time. I would thank everybody in helping me to regain my health and energy for the rest of my life.

Raghuveer Singh

Father of Shubham.Bhilai, Chhattisgarh.

Regarding the treatment of my son shubham – he is 8 years old boy with ‘cerebral palsy’ and delayed milestones. We were almost losing hope and reconciling ourselves to the reality after going around almost all the specialists in india. Thank you doctor saab! For assuring confidence, and finally making our dream turn real. You are not just a doctor for us but you are our family and thank you for your being there for us.

Sridhar Reddy

Reddy Constructions Pvt Ltd,Cuddapah, A.p.

Thank you very much for the best treatments for ‘eczema’ for my father mr. Rajender reddy, who suffered with this dreadful disease in the ankles and legs for almost 10 years now.

He used to have swelling, itching and skin appeared jet black with occasional bleed. We have seen ‘n’ no of doctors and used ‘n+1’ no of products but nothing has seemed to work on a long term basis. It is after we met dr. Vardhan at vardhan ayurveda hospital and after leech therapy that the dry itchy skin has cleared up completely.

I have seen a marked improvement, his skin feels softer, less bumpy, his flare-ups are almost nonexistent and he does not get that agitated itchy feeling as often as before. I on behalf of my father support vardhan ayurveda hospital 100%.

Mohammed Mahamood

Artist,Kurnool, A.p.

Thank you doctor for the treatment offered at your institute the vardhan ayurveda hospital to slow down the progression of muscle degeneration ‘muscular dystrophy’. After the therapies, I have lost considerable weight, there is relief in pain & stress, am able to walk now with less difficulty, my muscle wasting has been attended well. I am satisfied with the treatments.

Lilly Jansen


I am Lilly Jansen from Holland and 58 years old. After suffering of FIBROMYALGIA & RSI (Repetitive Strain Syndrome) for 6 years I came across the Ayurvedic clinic of Dr. Vardhan in Hyderabad last august and decided to do a Panchakarma Treatment. The results were stunning. After 2 times I started to feel hungry like I had never been before; after 3 treatments I felt a kind of calmness in my cells, after 5 treatments I felt like reborn.

I completed 8 treatments and all pains and discomforts have gone.
P.S. Yesterday I worked in the garden. In the past I always suffered from severe aches in the lower back while doing this kind of work. Yesterday I had no pains at all! Best regards and see you next year.

Laxmi Narasimhan

Team Head, IBM,Singapore.

I, Laxmi Narasimhan aged 38 years am a Head of the team in a Reputed Software Company in Singapore. I have been suffering with PSORIASIS for the past 2 plus years and like most people that are cursed with this condition, have spent a rather large amount of money and countless hours in Doctor appointments and home research trying to get some relief from this curse. The areas that were affected on me were the Buttocks, Feet, Knees, Waist / Hips, Fingernails, Elbows, Ears and Scalp.

All were extreme after treating myself for two years. The lesions were so severe that the blood and sometimes pus oozed out of the lesions. Even a little air from the fan caused me severe burning sensation on my skin.
Why am I taking the time to share this with you because I know first hand the desperate mind of a Psoriasis sufferer and the debilitating affect it has on the mind, not to mention the Physical distress. And like most long term sufferers have become somewhat skeptical of the many testimonials written for so called wonder cures. I want every one to know my situation and I feel compelled to share this with you, it works!

By God it works! It may take awhile but if you follow the instructions given specifically to each and every person by Dr. VardhanVardhan then you will be glad that u will get cured.
My uncle in India got to know about Dr. Vardhan and his VARDHAN AYURVEDA HOSPITAL, from a friend who was cured of Psoriasis. I immediately came down to India and consulted him. The approach of Dr Vardhan is unique & highly practical. He evaluated my case and prescribed some internal medicines and a ghee preparation to be applied externally on my body for the next 15 days. He cautioned me about stress and the havoc it causes. The Diet correction and Lifestyle Management was also taught to me.

From the 3/4th day I started to feel better, the blood oozing was arrested and was feeling quiet comfortable. In the next 2 weeks I was active and then I started to believe that I would get rid of my problem only here with this doctor. In his next consultation he explained about the Detoxification or the Cleansing Program called the Panchakarma Procedure.

The healing was very fast after Vamana karma (Induced Vomiting), this was a special procedure done and practiced by only a few in India, I could say Dr. Vardhan blended this therapy well and is the best among the best.
I can say that I have improved around 99.9% after the Panchakarma Chikitsa. Doctor specified the do’s and don’t’s and he made me learn Pranayama- the breathing exercises, which I have to practice ever after in order to stay healthy.

Thank you Dr. Vardhan and thank you for the lovely gift of healthy life you presented me, I am indebted to you sir…

Srinivasan T.S.

Retd Advocate,Chennai.

I srinivasan t. S am a native of madras, my son works here in hyderabad in tata indicom limited as a senior manager. I had come to see my son for a vacation to hyderabad. During which, one day I saw an advertisement in deccan chronicle news paper about the back pain and the ayurvedic specialities of curing it. I called dr. Vardhan took an appointment and came and met him on 9th july 2004.
let me tell u all my medical history…I am 65-year-old man with severe back ache, weakness, numbness, and muscle wasting in my both the lower limbs, unable to walk without support since 4 years, I have noticed constipation and bladder disturbances like urinary urgency and urine retention from the past 6 months, I also had angina pectoris 6 years back for which I am on medication.

my contrast mri in dec, 2003 reveals intramedullary lesion in the lower part of cord and conus with expansion mild patchy enhancement. Radiological possibilities include intramedullary tumour and demyelination.

And my mri tells that intramedullary lesion in the lower dorsal cord and conus with mild enlargement possibly sol /?

Demyelination. I had thus undergone many other tests like nerve conduction study, 2d echo, and ultrasound abdomen in apollo hospitals, madras. After these tests the specialists advised me to take vitamin e tabs and other medicines that I have been taking all these years and advised me that I should have to live with the disease.

with all these data I went to dr. Vardhan’s vardhan ayurveda hospital, basheerbagh, hyderabad. He listened in detail about my condition and finally told me to give a time of 4 weeks for a panchakarma procedure. He assured me that I will be okay minimum by 70% in 3-6 months of time. I underwent the procedure, from 3rd week itself I have slowly started to improve and in the next 2 months I have almost improved 90%. I was hopeful of getting back to normalcy in 6 months.

I after 6 months was very normal and am enjoying the best of my life. I went back to apollo specialist one day with a latest mri done. The doctor was surprised to see the changes in my mri.

I am very happy to give my testimonial. I pledge all the people who lost hope in allopathic treatments and their side effects to shift to ayurvedic science for a better cure, which I knew personally after taking treatment. May all the success be with him! I thank dr. Vardhan and his excellent and dedicated team of therapists who have showed the world that ayurveda and ayurveda panchakarma does miracles. Thank you and god bless you all.

Mrs Gandhi

Architect,Domalguda, Hyderabad.

I am mrs gandhi aged 44 years have suffered with severe migraine headaches for more than 25 years, sometimes 5 days in a row. Along with the headaches I had dizziness, irritability and vomiting for many years consistently. I after trying all the available medical treatments I came to vardhan ayurveda hospital, speciality panchakarma centre by the reference of one of my relative who got cured of the same problem here few weeks back.
dr. Vardhan after a thorough examination explained to me about panchakarma / detoxification procedures that suits me with these conditions. It made sense to me and I would do anything to feel better, so I began his program of 2 weeks. I noticed improvements almost immediately but now that I am one month into his program I have noticed the following improvements

• Quality of Sleep & Sleeping Hours have improved

• I have not been dizzy in the last few weeks.

• I very rarely get my migraine headaches,

• There is really a flow of Positive energy and dramatic Increase in overall mental attitude.

I am very encouraged about my health and hope life can get to where it should be. Thanks to Dr. Vardhan and to the Two Girls who has done a remarkable job.

Haritha Reddy

Software Professional,Sri Nagar Colony,Chennai.

It’s so rare in medicine, to find two doctors, who are both clinical experts in their fields, and have a tremendous amount of gentleness and compassion with their patients. I have never met two ayurvedic specialists like dr. Madhuri vardhan and dr. Vardhan.

Their skill levels and empathy exceed most others. This doctor couple has been a vital part of our success, with conceiving and maintaining our pregnancy. it was a long stretch of disappointments, surgeries, test after test, cycle after cycle, consult after consult; almost 4 ½ years of struggle.

We have come to know about these doctors by a renowned infertility specialist in chennai who referred us to them. We met them, they are really great people, after consultation they diagnosed us as a case of primary infertility and the internal medicines were started for both my husband and myself. The doctors analyzed our body constitution and prescribed specific dietary and life style changes and were asked to take the medicines for 3-6 months continuously.

I got conceived in the second month itself and we have been blessed with one beautiful daughter. Dr. Madhuri vardhan and dr. Vardhan have never let us give up hope throughout our stressful experience. We owe so much of our joy and happiness to this amazing team. We are so very grateful for their expertise and devotion in the field of infertility and sexual medicine.

Mrs Mohammed Ali Asar

Shalibanda, Hyderabad.

My husband is suffering from muscular dystrophy & hip girdle dystrophy since 5 years. He is 55 years old and at present is unable to lift the hands and shoulders. Weakness in legs cant stand on own and no balance. He is have too much back pain also from 20 years back. Bath also we do for him.

All medicines we give and no good result. Medical doctors telling no treatment. We go to many doctors in hyderabad husband getting depression.
my uncle told me to try ayurveda at vardhan ayurveda hospital. We consulted dr. Vardhan told 45 days panchakarma treatment. After treatment my husband happy he got strength in legs and slowly walking with balance slowly. Thanks doctor saab for good treatment.

Ken Michael

Bank Officer, Bank of America,Canada.

When I first visited dr. Vardhan’s vardhan ayurveda hospital, I had already been out of work for four weeks with severe back pain and sciatica. When my orthopedist could not help me I went to almost every neuro specialist, where they tried several kinds of treatments, including an epidural injection of steroids, and in the end I still had sharp, severe pains in the lower back shooting down both legs. The day of my first visit with dr. Vardhan, I could not stand up or walk without holding onto something. I had visions of being in a wheelchair for the rest of my life.
doctor and his dedicated team of panchakarma therapists began to work “magic” on my spine and within four weeks I was back to work fulltime. Dr. Vardhan has helped me when no one else could. He (and his miracle team) has helped me get back on my feet and I am again able to lead a normal life.
both my wife and I are now on a treatment schedule, which is helping us back to good health. We both feel better than we have in a very long time. I highly recommend both dr. Vardhan and dr. Madhuri vardhan to anyone who needs relief from pain and is looking for a natural way to good health.

Nandita Rao

Senior Analyst,Hitech City,Hyderabad.

It is with gratitude and thankfulness that I write you this note. I am suffering with 4 years of muscular dystrophy, a disease which has caused weakness in both of my legs, I feel as if I do not have my lower part of the body from the waist, I fell down quiet a number of times while walking as I was not able to balance, I was not able to get into my cab, which I thought was because of my weakness. I went to many doctors; all of them said there is no cure for this disease.

with the advice of one of my relatives I went and met dr. Vardhan at vardhan ayurveda hospital, basheerbagh, hyderabad to try ayurveda. He has advised one month panchakarma & rejuvenation program after which I felt much better in my legs, the weakness has decreased and I was able to walk with much balance and there was good control of my legs.I thank dr. Vardhan and his group of therapists for giving me a helping hand in times of need.

I Am Hari Narayan On Behalf Of My Mother Shailaja.


My mother aged 58 years, a housewife has been a patient since 1 year of motor neuron disease, complaining of weakness in her left leg increasing day after day, after about two months the other leg too got weak followed by the left hand after about one and half months. She was at first able to walk with the help of a walker and after a few months with this disease she slowly restricted herself to the cot.

We have visited many neurologists who said that there is no cure for this disease except to live with it.with the advice of one of the neurologists, we met dr. Vardhan at vardhan ayurveda hospital and have registered with him for a panchakarma therapy for 6 weeks after which she is able to find some strength & good improvement in her legs and hands. She is now able to grip the things and her confidence level has also fortified.

The disease hasn’t progressed after the treatment and we are happy to have gone to ayurveda. We wish them good luck for their research and pray for their success in finding solutions for all these kinds of problems

Deepthi & Sanath

Detroit, USA.

For seven years of our marriage my wife and I tried to conceive a child. Right now I am aged 34, my wife, 29. We were not successful although the doctors in us told us ‘nothing was wrong’ after a battery of tests. We went to a different doctor who repeated the tests and found out that my wife had hypothyroidism and hormonal imbalance. For which he prescribed eltroxin tablets and other hormone course. Even after using the medicines for almost 5 years there was no fertility.

in the meantime, my wife’s father who is a professor in osmania university, hyderabad came to know about dr madhuri vardhan and dr. Vardhan from his colleague who had undergone artificial insemination and invitro-fertilization without success. But then after seeing these ayurvedic doctors for only one month, she became pregnant. We soon found the name of the institute as vardhan ayurveda hospital, hyderabad. We called and made an appointment.

we were very happy that these doctors have spent so much time with us listening to our complete history and gave us so much comfort and assurance with their soothing words and that they would be able to help us to have a baby. They monitored diet, documented exercise and relaxation habits, but most importantly, the doctor couples made us feel we were really going to realize our goal.
my wife underwent specialty treatments for 3 consecutive menstrual cycles as per doctor’s strict advice and she got conceived and finally by the grace of god and the doctors she delivered a male child who is healthy and active.
we are very grateful to dr. Madhuri vardhan and dr. Vardhan for making this dream come true for us. Thank you and god bless you!


Housewife,West Marredpally,Secunderabad.

I am kousalya aged 54 years was very active till I attained menopause 5 years back. Since then I had problems with my lower back, knee joints and varicose veins in the legs. The pains were so severe that I almost ended up sitting at home. I couldn’t get up out of a chair or in and out of my car without help. Doctors, hospitals and an mri showed arthritis real bad in my knee joints and swollen groups of varicose veins in both my lower limbs.

I saw the interview of dr. Vardhan in tv9 and immediately approached him for a consultation. I took panchakarma & rejuvenation therapies for 6 weeks and the arthritis I’ve had since december 1987 was relieved nearly by 90%. The varicose veins were treated by means of leech therapy.

The pressure in my legs decreased and am able to stand for long hours. I am enjoying my life much better than before. Since then my son and I come every year to vardhan ayurveda hospital to take panchakarma & rejuvenation therapies at least for a week or two.
I thank him and wish him good luck.

P. V. Ramana Rao


I recommend dr. Vardhan and vardhan ayurveda hospital, basheerbagh, hyderabad for the miraculous cure of my 25-year-old eczema with severe itching and blackish discoloration in my feet and soles. I have visited many doctors and undergone steroidal therapy, laser therapy, uv therapies and all these gave me only temporary relief of my symptoms. I wanted a permanent cure in a natural way.
I almost lost hope on my life, until I saw an article in andhra jyothi doctor’s page in march 2004 written by dr. Vardhan about the raktha mokshanam (blood letting / leech therapy). After a consultation I had undergone panchakarma treatment for a period of 21 days followed by leech therapy. I could see the changes in my feet from 3/4th day itself.

Medicines included tonics, capsules and tablets for a period of six months. I am cured 95% of my eczema. Thanks to dr. Vardhan and his team of therapists who are dependable, trustworthy, and kind hearted in treating my problem.

K. Sriramam


I Thank Dr. Vardhan of VARDHAN AYURVEDA HOSPITAL for the Counselling and the Treatment he gave me for ERECTILE DYSFUNCTION. Being a Diabetic Patient for the past 22 years, instead of controlling my habits, I used to chew pan, gutkha and was also occasional smoker.

My Blood Pressure used to fluctuate and was also gaining weight. My main problem was that I never had penile erection in the last one-year or so. There were muscle cramping in my calf muscles and also severe pain in my neck, shoulder and the lower Back.

I took a Rejuvenation Therapy for 4 weeks along with some researched internal medicines, Pathyam and Counseling. It has helped me much. I have improved almost by 80% in a span of 4 months. It was a stage where almost my thoughts and emotions were shattered and was not happy with my life when Dr. Vardhan showed me new ray of hope in my life. The only thing I can say you is a big Thank you… Thanks a lot…

Sathyavathy. M


I and my medical experience is a good example of how the patients are exploited and the so called corporate hospitals & some medical doctors are playing with the lives of the patients. I had severe pain in the Knee Joints I approached a good doctor in a reputed hospital in Hyderabad. I was diagnosed with Osteo Arthritis and gave me painkillers and I used for almost a year without any relief from my problems.
A friend of mine who took Treatment for Spondylosis with Dr. VardhanVardhan and Dr Madhuri Vardhan at VARDHAN AYURVEDA HOSPITAL, Speciality Panchakarma Centre and was cured by 95% referred me. The doctors listened all the history and immediately diagnosed my problem to be GONOCOCCAL ARTHRITIS for which I took Speciality Panchakarma External Therapies for a period of 21 days and research medicine for a period of 5 months. After a period of six months all my blood reports are found to be normal. I am indebted to both the doctors for their apt Diagnosis and Treatment. I wish them all the very best.

M. M. Israeil

Retd from Air Force,Gaigolapadu, Kakinada.

I, M. M Israeil am retired from Air force. My drinking habit has started from there itself. Due to my EXCESSIVE DRINKING I started getting changes in my digestion. When I took out an Ultrasound Abdomen I have found to have Fatty Liver. I took some research Medicine from Dr. Vardhan from VARDHAN AYURVEDA HOSPITAL, Basheerbagh, Hyderabad.

The doctor gave me Psychotherapy & Counseling also, which really gave me good results. I am relieved of all my problems. I thank sincerely Dr. Vardhan for curing me.


Student,Tarnaka, Hyderabad.

I thank Dr Madhuri Vardhan for treating my MENSTRUL PROBLEM. I am 19 years old suffering with excessive bleeding from the past 2 years. I have consulted many doctors; they kept me on hormones for almost 2 years in a row. Everything seems to be all right when I am on the hormones, the moment I stopped them, there used to be a problem. I was in a situation vexed up and was looking to have peace from all these problems. I ended up in anemia and breathing problems followed it and was loosing weight on a continuous basis.
I came to know about Dr Madhuri Vardhan from a TV interview In MAATV where she gave a link to period problems, anemia and the Breathing Problems etc. I liked the interview and met her and immediately started Ayurvedic medicines. First my breathing problems are gone then my anemia and finally now after 6 months even my periods are normal and have also gained weight. I thank Dr Madhuri Vardhan for giving me a new life.


Senior Manager, MNC,Banjara Hills, Hyderabad.

I am Ghazi aged 36 years working in a MNC. I had SEVERE ACIDITY, belchings, burning sensation in the throat, chest and upper abdomen, Headache, constipation and burning sensation in the palms and soles for almost 5 years. There was a stage where, even if I ate fruits / Apple, I used to get severe pain in the gastric region. I have visited almost all the specialists in Hyderabad with no cure for my problems.
I underwent Vamana, Virechana and Vasthi karmas for a period of 15 days. I am happy after using the Ayurvedic Medicines; I call them “Magical Bullets” given by Dr. Vardhan @ VARDHAN AYURVEDA HOSPITAL, Basheerbagh, Hyderabad for a period of 5 months. Thank you Doctor for your cure.

Ravi Shankar

Software Professional,Sathyam, Secunderabad.

I am Ravi Shankar working as a Software Professional in Satyam, Secunderabad. I was suffering with severe lower back pain; the pain radiated to my left leg and it was so severe that I was not able to stand, sit or sleep even for 10 minutes. In the standing posture, I used to bend towards right. There were almost 20-30 calf muscle cramps per minute and I used to feel like hell out there. The MRI says SLIP DISC / DISC HERNIATION IN THE L4-L5 & L5-S1 REGIONS. All the doctors advised me a surgery, which I was not comfortable with.
One of my colleagues who were treated at VARDHAN AYURVEDA HOSPITAL, has told me about Dr. Vardhan and his ease and perfection in dealing with the Spinal Specialities, I approached him. Doctor assured me of complete cure without surgery, I then went on to have Panchakarma chikitsa done for 28 days.

The therapy relaxed my Spine and within a few days I recovered from my back problems. I thank Dr. Vardhan and his well experienced & hardworking staff without who I would have been in bad health.I’m satisfied 100% with the services and the treatment offered at VARDHAN AYURVEDA HOSPITAL, and will endorse others suffering from different types of illness to have treatment here.


EEE Student,BHEL,Hyderabad.

I am a student studying engineering suffering from PSORIASIS since last 5 year. I have tried different medicines including Allopathy, Homeopathy, Nature cure before coming to The VARDHAN AYURVEDA HOSPITAL, Speciality Panchakarma Centre, Hyderabad.

After taking treatment from Dr. Vardhan, my problem almost about 95% got cured. I am continuing the medication and following all the diet and life style changes and modifications advised by the Doctor without fail. I sincerely thank Dr. Vardhan and his team of Therapists.

Smt Aruna Shailendra

Housewife,Hosur road,Bangalore.

I aruna shailendra aged 44 years am a housewife residing in hyderabad. I am married 13 years back and had a boy in the third year of our marriage. We planned for the second child and all our efforts were gone waste. We have even tried ivf in reputed test tube speciality clinics in hyderabad and bangalore but were not successful.

We came to know about dr madhuri vardhan and dr. Vardhan by a live tv interview. After a series of consultations and necessary tests we came to know that we both have problems. I had hormonal imbalance and fibroids and my husband with low sperm count and less motility.

I was explained in detail about a special procedure called uttara vasthi where herbal kashaya doosh was given to clean my uterus and specialized other procedures were done for three consecutive menstrual cycles. My husband and I were given internal medicines.
I got pregnancy in the third month after starting medication when I was 43 and delivered twin daughters, one with 2 kgs of weight and the other with 2.25 kgs of weight. We are now a happy family. Thank you dr madhuri vardhan and dr. Vardhan from the bottom of our hearts.

Narsing Rao

Business,Ashok Nagar,Hyderabad.

I, Narsing Rao, 72 years had a PARALYSIS attack on 5th June 2006. I was immediately taken to Yashoda Hospital where the emergency Treatment was done. I had stiffness in my left leg and left hand, slurring of speech, my sugar levels were high around 308 mg/dl and my MRI showed a 5 mm infarct in Right Frontal and Para Sagittal Region. I was treated for a week with 15 % improvement.

My son was not happy with the treatments given there, after enquiring some of his friends brought me to Dr. Vardhan at his VARDHAN AYURVEDA HOSPITAL, Basheerbagh, Hyderabad on 11th day after attack. He saw all the reports and assured us the best results. The Panchakrma Therapy was started, I immediately felt much better and the Treatments continued for a period of 1 month.

The researched internal medicines were given. I had improved 90% within 3 months and I was advised to use the medicines for 6 more months. I am hoping to become very normal in the coming days. I thank wholeheartedly Dr. Vardhan and the staff for giving me a peaceful and healthy life again.

Mrs Sunitha & Deepa Sai Sri

RTC X Roads, Hyderabad.

My daughter Deepa Sai Sri aged about 11 years had gradually developed weakness in her legs, she had very much difficulty in walking and getting up from lying down position. The weakness gradually developed to the hands also where she was not able to grip or lift any object. This weakness was a gradual and increasing. We were alarmed and took her to neurologists where she was diagnosed with GUILLAIN BARRE SYNDROME (RESOLVING).

We were in the hospital almost for 2 weeks. She did not have any pain, but after the treatment in hospital she got a little well so the doctor sent us home, but then she complain about pain in her arms, hands and legs. The weakness hasn’t decreased much and she is dragging her legs during walking. We were very much worried about her condition and one of the doctors treating her suggested to meet Dr. Vardhan and thus shift to Ayurveda Panchakarma Treatments.

We met him and after examining my daughter he gave a course of 6 weeks Panchakarma Treatments with which she has improved tremendously. The weakness disappeared and she got good strength in her hands and legs and is walking straight without dragging her legs.
We are very happy after the treatments. I and my daughter and all my family thank u very much doctor.

G. Karuna

Head Nurse,GGH, Kakinada.

Being a Head Nurse in Govt. General Hospital (GGH) in Kakinada, I was a very bad patient of DIABETES. My sugar levels are very high and there were severe calf muscle catching and weakness in my legs. I am having intolerable pain in all my hand joints. My doctors told me that I am developing diabetes complication NEUROPATHY.

After regular checkups, medicines and consultations I still found my problems increasing and my sugar levels not coming down. One of the senior doctors in Kakinada advised me to shift to Ayurveda and asked me to meet Dr. Vardhan at Hyderabad.With his reference I went and met Dr. Vardhan and explained my condition. He asked me to take some more reports and then advised me to undergo Rasayana Therapy or Rejuvenation Procedure for a period of 21 days.

My pains, weakness, muscle cramps are gone and my sugar levels are slowly coming back to normal limits. I am fully satisfied with Ayurveda after coming to VARDHAN AYURVEDA HOSPITAL. I am very grateful to Dr. Vardhan for giving me a healthy life to live.

Miss Rosy Mersy

Student Nurse,Mahabubnagar.

I am Rosy Mercy. I am a student nurse from Mahabubnagar. I had severe PSORIASIS from 2 years. Used Allopathy medicines but had no result. I saw an interview in TV9 and immediately came to Dr. Vardhan at VARDHAN AYURVEDA HOSPITAL, Basheerbagh. I took Panchakarma Treatments along with Vamanam for 1 month.

All my scaling, itching and irritation is gone. I have improved 90%. Doctor told me to use medicine for 6 months to one year. I will follow his advice. Thank you sir and best wishes to the staff who are dedicated and best in their work.

Seshagiri Rao


I am Seshagiri Rao, 68 years age came to Dr. Vardhan with severe neck pain, lower back pain, Numbness coming down to my right feet and numbness in my left shoulder & left hand. He told me it’s a spinal condition and asked me to get an MRI for my satisfaction.

He correctly told me MRI report before hand itself, which read as degenerative changes in lumbar spine with Grade 2 SPONDYLOLISTHESIS of L5 over S1. Diffuse disc bulge at L5- S1 level causing neural compression and bulging annulus with mild left neural compromise and CERVICAL SPONDYLOSIS of C5-C6-C7 Spine.

I took Panchakarma therapy for a period of one month. Dr. Vardhan really has indepth knowledge of both Ayurveda and Allopathic Fields of medicine. I liked the frankness and the confidence level in him.

If you want to avoid surgery and want your spine to get back into normal shape you should definitely contact Dr. Vardhan at his VARDHAN AYURVEDA HOSPITAL, Basheerbagh, Hyderabad. After almost 3 months I am again playing badminton with my collegues. My regards and best wishes to his team.


Teacher,Miryalaguda, Nalgonda.

I Was Confirmed To Have MULTIPLE KIDNEY STONES the maximum size being 24mm, due to which I used to get severe pain and had difficulty in passing urine. I used to get bloody urine sometimes. I was scared and showed myself to many Urologists in Miryalaguda, Nalgonda and at Hyderabad, all of them wanted to do a surgery, which they call it, a minor operation.

I was really scared and wanted to avoid surgery, by the advice of one of my relative I came and met Dr. Vardhan who gave me assurance and some special researched medicine was started immediately. The course was for 3 months I had to follow some specifications like drinking more water and avoiding some foods, alcohol etc.

As a result of the treatments, I have no more kidney stones, as confirmed by my ultrasound abdomen on 18th July, 2007 after a period of almost three and half months after the first ultrasound. I am overjoyed after the report. Thank you Doctor and May God bless you.

Mohammed Hameed for Safia


My daughter Safia, aged 5 years had Drooping of Eyelids (PTOSIS). Doctors told us that the optic nerve is weak the surgery can be done only after 16 years of age. I found the address of Dr. Vardhan through a forum in the Internet. I contacted him, he asked us to come to Hyderabad and show my daughter in person.

We flew to Hyderabad, met him and he advised us for Akshi Tarpanam for almost 15 days and for 3 cycles. There is a very good improvement in my daughter’s condition about 70% after treatments. We are very happy after coming to VARDHAN AYURVEDA HOSPITAL and our Best wishes to the Doctor and his disciplined Therapists who have handled my daughter gently with utmost care and concern.

Suneeth Banda

Kukatpally, Hyderabad.

I thank Dr. Vardhan for curing My ULCERATIVE COLITIS by his researched medicine and treatment. I wish him all the best. My appetite, gastric irritation, my stools are made normal and now am able to gain a bit weight also. I am his very satisfied patient.

Dr Venkateshwar Rao


My wife Mrs P.Kamala Devi 58 years have suffered with Severe OSTEO ARTHRITIS for almost 3 years. She was on NSAID’S for all these days. I was reffered to Dr. Vardhan by an Ortho Specialist from NIMS Hospital. After an External Therapy for 4 weeks she showed great improvement in her condition.

I made a Post Therapy MRI of the Knee Joint, which showed miraculous Changes. After my wife’s Treatment I also took Treatments for SEVERE LUMBAGO SCIATICA SYNDROME for which I am satisfied and appreciate the Doctor for his knowledge and dedication.



WHITE DISCHARGE & DYSPAREUNIA that is severe pain during Intercourse. I have visited many doctors with no improvement at all in my condition. One of my friends told me about VARDHAN AYURVEDA HOSPITAL, Speciality Panchakarma Centre and Dr Madhuri Vardhan. I took treatments and medicines after which I can say I have improved by 80%. Thanks to Dr Madhuri for her excellent treatment and cure.

Dr Dinakar

Vascular Surgeon,Bhimavaram.

I had Severe PSORIASIS on my Hands, elbows, legs, head and scalp. I used Steroids, many lotions and creams but had a temporary relief of my symptoms. It started affecting my public personal relationship also.

I knew that there was no complete cure for Psoriasis, which is a psychosomatic disorder and also knew that there is a perfect treatment in Ayurveda. I was searching for the best Ayurvedic Specialist, one of my cousins who got well at Dr. Vardhan, told me this address.
The day I had consultation with him, I was impressed and in no time I was ready to undergo Ayurvedic Therapy. I was treated for 4 weeks by Specialized Procedures, Massages with Oils, Steams, Dhara of Specially prepared Medicated Butter milks, Enemas, Induced Vomiting called Vamana Karma to expel the toxic wastes even from the bile juice etc. There was a tremendous change in my symptoms and the disease.

I had improved by 80% immediately after the therapy. Doctor advised me to take Internal Medicines, check my Dietary habits and Pranayama was also taught to me.
Let me confess u all people that even after 5 years of Treatment at Dr. Vardhan, the disease never had aggravated. I am a surgeon and I had to use the plastic gloves repeatedly, before the therapy there used to be severe itching and irritation of my hands and palms, which I have never noticed after the Therapy.

I am keeping myself fit and healthy, Thanks to Dr. Vardhan for his excellent approach towards Psoriasis Disorder. I have been sending many a clientele since then to him. Let those with Psoriasis be benefited…

K Leela

Retd. Nursing Superintendent,GGH, Kakinada.

I am 59 years old and had a hole in the heart and had undergone CABG in NIMS last year. I was using the medicines regularly but there were severe muscle cramping, weakness, debility, breathlessness etc.

As suggested by my friend who has undergone Rejuvenation Procedure at VARDHAN AYURVEDA HOSPITAL, I went and met Dr. Vardhan, he has advised me RASAYANA & REJUVENATION THERAPIES for 21 days. The feeling of being healthy and the relief is unbelievable.
All my problems are gone and am thankful to doctor. It appears as if I have been young again by 7-10 years. I advise to take Ayurveda Chikitsa as an Add-on Therapy after all the major illnesses.


Press,Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad.

I would recommend without hesitation Dr. Vardhan, for the AYURVEDIC MASSAGE SERVICES at VARDHAN AYURVEDA HOSPITAL, Basheerbagh, Hyderabad. The therapists showed best skills and professionalism. I have treated myself to massages in the past. I have never had a Kalari massage (Kerala Special Trigger Point Therapy) before, and I must tell you that the results are wonderful.

The tightness in by back is gone. The amount of pressure applied during the massage was perfect. The results are so much more relaxing and enjoyable. It was definitely money well spent. Since 5 years I have been a regular customer to Dr Vardhan. Thanks Again.

Rajesh Chand Agarwal

Business,Avanthinagar Colony, Hyderabad.

I am a businessman always traveling by air; I had a rather unusual problem of VERTIGO and severe pain and sounds in my ears mainly during Take offs and in higher altitudes. I have visited my doctors and used much medication, which used to give me only temporary relief.

I have ANNUAL MERMBERSHIP WITH Dr Vardhan’s VARDHAN AYURVEDA HOSPITAL, on one occasion I told him about my problems. He gave me treatments for 2 weeks after which all the symptoms are miraculously gone. I thank him for the apt treatment done to me.

V. Sachidananda Murthy for V.S. Murthy

Astrologer,Saleem Nagar, Hyderabad.

My father Mr. V. S. Murthy, who is a famous Astrologer in Hyderabad, had PARALYSIS of both the hands and the legs. He was not able to sit, stand, and walk even with support on his own in May 2006. MRI was done and was found to have 3 clots in the brain.

He lost all the sensations and he lost control of bladder and stools. He was on a catheter, a urine bag. We stayed in the hospital for almost 3 weeks and got discharged with his condition still the same.
My father was very much interested in Ayurveda Treatments from the first; hence we started finding out for the best Ayurvedic doctor on whom we can rely on.

On the advice of one of my closest friend’s I took my father to Dr. Vardhan at VARDHAN AYURVEDA HOSPITAL, Hyd for a consultation. He advised us Panchakarma treatments for 6 weeks. My father showed around 80% results within 45 days. The best thing is that after around 3 months he was feeling the sensations in his bladder and stools. We removed the catheter and checked him; miraculously he was passing urine on his own.

Now after a course of medicines and exercise for 6 months he is able to walk on his own and do his daily routine without anybody’s help. Thanks & full Praises to Dr. Vardhan and his Team of Therapists for giving a renewed Life altogether.

Raghuram for My Mother Mani

Chikkadpally, Hyderabad.

My mother Mani, 58 years came to ban galore to stay with me in Dec 2007. She was healthy for about a month. In Feb. 2008 my mother suffered with severe neck pain, pains, numbness, weakness, and tingling sensation in the left side of head, neck, shoulder joint, arms and hand.

She had giddiness, reeling sensation and even vomiting. Doctors in NIMHANS, Ban galore diagnosed my mother’s condition as VERTIGO WITH CERVICAL SPONDYLOSIS of C5-C6, C6-C7 Vertebrae with mild disc bulge in these areas. She used medicines for 3 months but had only little relief in her condition.

She underwent physiotherapy for almost two and half months with only meager improvement in her condition. She got depressed and frustrated with her condition.She forced me to take her to Hyderabad, as she wanted to meet Dr. Vardhan and get his advice about her. We knew the doctor since 5 years; we took our brother who had severe back pain and was cured of his problem in only 4 weeks of treatment at VARDHAN AYURVEDA HOSPITAL in 2003.

After a consultation doctor asked us to have external therapies for 28 days with research internal medicines for 6 months. From April onwards she is in the pink of her health and has improved by 95%. We thank Dr. Vardhan and his energetic and hardworking team for curing our sufferings. Thank you.

Mohammed Johnny

Politician, Hyderabad.

I have undergone Ayurveda Panchakarma Treatments from Dr. VardhanVardhan for my PARALYSIS, which affected my Vocal Cords as a result of which I was not able to speak clearly. There was tremendous improvement after the treatments. May he heal many a people with sufferings through Ayurveda & Panchakrma.


Engineering Student, Khairatabad, Hyderabad.

I was diagnosed to have RHEUMATOID ARTHRITIS, severe pain in all the joints of my body, especially my right shoulder joint, Knee joints and my lower back was most to get effected. I was not able to get up from bed either, no appetite, had constipation, had swelling of all my joints including the face, the pain was so worst that I had even attempted suicide. My Rheumatologist put me on different medications that relieved my pain or stiffness only slightly, if at all.

On the advice of an Ayurvedic doctor I met Dr. Vardhan at VARDHAN AYURVEDA HOSPITAL After taking Panchakarma Chikitsa for 4 weeks, surprisingly, it began to relieve the pain, stiffness in all my joints. My RA Factor after starting the Treatment came to normal limits from 160 IU/ml. I have improved more than 80% in these four weeks time itself. Internal medicines have made me feel better than any time in the past three years.

I am very much satisfied with the treatment and am feeling confident of getting cured of my Arthritis. Thanks for the timely help and best cure of all my problems. I should also thank the two female Therapists for their remarkable and appreciable work in getting me back to good health.

Govind Reddy

Govind Hatcheries,Hayath Nagar, Hyderabad.

My name is Govind Reddy, am 36 years had severe SCIATICA AND LUMBAR SPONDYLOSIS in October 2006. The pain was so worse that I was not able to stand, sit or sleep, or be in single position at least for 10 minutes. The shocking pain, the muscle catch in my legs was so severe that I could bear it any more.

My walking style changed and I was bending to one side. I consulted many doctors, used all the painkillers, pain didn’t come down. I took a steroidal injection into my spine even though I know that it is bad and has many complications in order to survive the pain. Doctors after seeing my MRI report advised me to undergo surgery immediately. I even took Local (Natu Vaidyam) Medicine.

I was advised by my relative to meet Dr. Vardhan for specialist treatments in Sciatica & Spinal Care. I consulted him, was satisfied by the unique approach towards Spinal care. After Treatments for 28 days I was feeling much better; in less than three months after the treatment I am now 100% cured of my problem.

I was advised special diet and exercise, which I will follow. Thank you and your dedicated staff for giving me physical and mental health and peace.

Vijaya Laxmi

Bank Employee,West Marredpally, Secunderabad.

My hair was long and thick initially and due to changing places and water; I started to lose much of my hair from the past 5 years. There is no Beauty clinic in Hyderabad that I have not visited for the betterment of my hair. But all my efforts were gone waste and I started to get stressed up for the HAIR FALL.

I came to know about Dr. Vardhan by one of my friends. After consultation he had advised me the Panchakarma Treatments for 14 days and medicines for four months, which made my hair long and strong with good signs of hair growth. I am really very, very, very happy for all this. Thank you sir, for the best hair treatments.

Krishna Goud for Venkatesh Goud

Nampally, Hyderabad.

Thank you Dr. Vardhan for the special medicines you gave to my father (Venkatesh Goud) for his PROSTRATE PROBLEMS. He is using the medicine as told by you very punctually with lots of hope. We have done his latest Ultra Sound, which showed good changes in the volume of his Prostrate. Our Thanks and best regards…


Assistant Manager, SBI,Ecil, Hyderabad.


I, Nagaraj am an Assistant Manager, SBI; I was hurt in the back while playing for National Football Championship in August 2006. I was immediately admitted in Yashoda Hospital, Somajiguda, Hyderabad. The MRI was done and I was found to have SLIPPED DISC from L1-L5 and was advised surgery immediately. I was told that I would never again play football.

My cousin took me to Dr. Vardhan at VARDHAN AYURVEDA HOSPITAL, Basheerbagh, Hyderabad. Doctor after examining and evaluation told me to take Panchakarma course for one month and assured me of playing football in about four months of time. I underwent the treatments, took medicines, followed all.

G. Patnaik

Assistant Film Director,Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad.

I came to Dr. Vardhan with long-term SCIATICA, which had been causing severe pain in my lower back and left leg for about two plus years. I had been treated with Ayurveda Panchakarma for one month and have seen 95% improvement in my condition till to date. I am grateful to Dr. Vardhan for curing my Sciatica Pain. I would wholeheartedly recommend him to anyone suffering with similar symptoms to my own.

Dr Raghava Rama Reddy for Shravya

Columbus, Ohio State, USA.

I took medicines for my daughter Shravya who is 14 years for SEVERE PAIN DURING PERIODS. She has used medicines for three consecutive cycles. I am very satisfied and happy with the results after using Ayurvedic medicines; she never again had any pain during the periods. Thank you doctor for the Treatment & Cure.

Joseph Sotomayor

I have visited Dr. Vardhan at VARDHAN AYURVEDA HOSPITAL, Basheerbagh for a Relaxing Massage on one of my visits to Hyderabad, India in February 2007. My wife’s Father has PROBLEMS WITH HIS BREATHING AND HAD ALLERGY WITH SEVERE COUGH for almost many years now. He was on steroids & puffs, which deteriorated his condition further.

I discussed this particular case with the doctor and took medicines for 6 months. Now his condition is much better. His energy levels and alertness has increased, the attacks of breathlessness, allergy and Cough have decreased remarkably. My uncle, wife and I are happy and most satisfied with the treatments. Thank you.

K. Ratna Swamy

The Treatment I had for SCIATICA AND BACK PAIN at VARDHAN AYURVEDA HOSPITAL had improved me tremendously. I am able to walk long distances, weakness, numbness, tingling of my legs has disappeared and am finding myself in good health. Thanks to Dr. Vardhan and his team for giving me great relief. I would definitely recommend all for these wonderful treatments.

Ilayya. M

Retd. Teacher,Alwal, Hyderabad.

I am a retired teacher staying in Alwal, Hyderabad. I am 69 years old suffering with PARKINSON’S DISEASE and was facing problems with my balance from the past 8 months, due to which I fell down quiet a number of times. I had severe neck pains from many years and was confirmed to have CERVICAL SPONDYLOSIS for which I am wearing a cervical color.
I have heard a lot about VARDHAN AYURVEDA HOSPITAL, Basheerbagh and on the advice of one of my relative I have approached Dr. Vardhan who studied my case in detail and advised me for a 28 days Therapy. I am very satisfied with the results. I was taught Pranayama and other exercises and was given the researched medicines, which are to be continued for a period of 1 year. I sincerely recommend Dr. Vardhan and Vardhan Ayurveda Hospital for the best treatment of Parkinsonism and Spinal Care. Thank You and God bless.


Housewife,Boggulakunta, Hyderabad.

I am Susheela aged 51 years am married with two children. All these years I have been looking after my husband and my children with much care and concern. I was an active lady and never used to be idle or unhealthy. All my problems started from the past 5 years where I was getting irritated very easily, inactiveness has increased, sleep deprivation was haunting, used to feel feverish, was putting on lots of weight and my bouts of anger multiplied and lost interest in everything.
We are strong believers of Ayurveda and used only Ayurvedic medicines since my childhood. We met Doctors couple at VARDHAN AYURVEDA HOSPITAL, Basheerbagh, Hyderabad and after examination Dr Madhuri told us that it was all natural, nothing to get worried or annoyed of it and it was not a disease. It’s all related to my MENOPAUSE.

After taking Rasayana & Rejuvenation Therapies, using researched medicine I am comfortable now and am able to perform all my activities with ease. Thanks to the doctor’s couple and their team for getting back smiles on our faces. I also thank my husband and my children for their care, concern and support.

Damodar Reddy & Manjula Reddy

Business,Dwaraka Nagar, Vizag.

My experience with mental illness started in February 2007 when in the middle of the night my son (Raghu Chandra Reddy) started getting weird thoughts and dreams. He has always been a very smart and made good decisions all these years.

We noticed odd behavior from him one day when he locked the dog in the bathroom because he didn’t want the dog to see what he was doing, and then immediately took him to a Psychiatrist, who diagnosed him of PSYCHIATRIC (SCHIZOPHRENIA) PROBLEM. We had been giving Allopathy Medicine (Inderal 10, Valense OD 250 & Ativan) from the past one and half years.

On one of my family friend’s advice I bought my son to Dr. Vardhan and underwent Ayurveda Panchakarma Therapies for 6 weeks. The treatment has improved my son’s condition by 85% and am able to see my son in good mental health. We have also reduced the Allopathic medicine dosages after starting Ayurvedic medicines. We are very satisfied with the treatment at VARDHAN AYURVEDA HOSPITAL, Basheerbagh, Hyderabad.

M. Mary Louise

Clerk,Samalkote, E.G. Dist.

Thank you Dr Madhuri Vardhan for treating my DUB (Dysfunctional Uterine Bleeding) PROBLEMS, Tiredness, Weakness, Fatigue and Anemia. I have these bleeding problems from the past 2 years, consulted many doctors, took hormones and all the medicines prescribed by the Specialists, but nothing could cure my problems. I saw Dr Madhuri on a health program in MAA TV and immediately consulted her. With her advice and prescription for 6 months and odd I am happy now and am relieved of the bleeding problems.

Vardhan Ayurveda Hospital has been incorporated in the year 1999 and had been working hard for the advocacy and practice of Ayurveda in India and across the globe.

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