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Immunity Kit

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Immunity+ Kit

Enhances your Immunity against all the Viral Infections

The Calendar year 2020 so far has been very dreadful & also devastating to almost every single nation & the entire population of the world. With the pandemic spread of COVID 19 & despite the Travel Restrictions & the Nationwide Lockdown in many countries, the no’s are still raising many folds, Deaths happening rapidly around us & we all are fear stuck in Life.

To date, there is no specific medicine recommended to treat the Corona Virus (2019 – nCov). According to the Guidelines of WHO those infected should receive Appropriate Care to relieve & treat symptoms & those with Severe Illness should receive optimized Supportive Care. Doctor’s & Pharmaceutical companies are yet to find a Vaccine & a Cure to Corona Virus. Do not wait for the Vaccine to come out in the market.

The need of the hour thus is PREVENTION – enhancing one’s own Immunity naturally.

Boost your Immunity Naturally

We are all fighting with a ‘Situation’ which has NO ‘Solution’
Fight this Invisible ‘Battle’ with your Own Enhanced ‘Immunity’

  • Customized Ayurvedic Formulations 
  • Loaded with Natural Anti-oxidants
  • Fights Pathogens & Build’s Resistance Power
  • Increases Agni & Rejuvenates Health 
  • Applied Ancient Wisdom, Knowledge & Extensive Research

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Immunity+ Kit

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Scholars of Ayurveda have explained the ‘Concept of Immunity’ thousands of years back which assures its Importance even in these COVID Times…