Sciatica Ayurvedic Treatment in Hyderabad

It's usually caused when a herniated disk or bone spur in the spine presses on the nerve. Pain originates in the spine and radiates down the back of the leg. Sciatica typically affects only one side of the body. Medication for pain and physical therapy are common treatments.

We at Vardhan Ayurveda believe in serving people, suffering from various incurable illnesses, with Ayurveda in a divine manner. It is very crucial to our inner being. We feel fulfilled when our clients say positive things about us which happens almost all the time. We have specialists at our disposal in order to treat patients with highest medical standards, personal care, regular monitoring of our patients' health and provide the complete cure for various diseases. We are exceptional at providing sciatica Ayurvedic treatment.

Best Ayurvedic Treatment for Sciatica in Hyderabad | Vardhan Ayurveda.

In modern medicine, the treatment for sciatica consists of potent painkillers or surgical interventions, which have their own limitations and adverse effects. Unlike modern medicine, Ayurveda has a variety of treatment modalities like Agni karma, Basti Chikitsa Siravedha, and palliative medicines to treat sciatica successfully. Among these methods of Agni karma is more effective by providing timely relief. Agni Karma treatment consists of involvement of various metals like silver, copper, gold, iron, etc. for different stages of the disease conditions.

In the present work, a comparative study of Agni karma by using iron, copper and previously studied Panchadhatu Shalaka in Gridhrashi(Sciatica)has been conducted.

In recent times, a comparative study of Agni karma was done by using iron, copper and previously studied Panchadhatu Shalaka for sciatica. 22 patients were divided into three groups and treated for sciatica. The results were closely monitored and scrutinised. The results were quite positive. Fifty percent patients in the first group were successfully treated and were completely relieved of with respect to the signs and symptoms, which occurs owing to the involvement of spinal nerves. Sciatica is a severe disease, which is life-threatening and also interferes in daily routine by inflicting consistent pain. Anyone who is suffering from sciatica is partially handicapped. The patient is unable to sit, stand and walk properly because of constant sciatic pain in limb. The most occurrence of sciatica is in the age range of 40 to 60 years, which is Vata Prakopaka Kala.

The modern medicine cites that there occurs a decrease in hydration of the intervertebral disk with age. It leads to the cycle of degeneration process, which results in disk problems and causing sciatica (Gridhrasi). Females are more prone to get sciatica, scince they do not take proper care while doing strenuous work and lifting heavy objects.

Agni karma treatmentis result oriented for sthanika connection of Vata in Vatakaphaja disorders.


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